A new year, a new approach to navigating the new normal.

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a hard year for businesses and as a new year fast approaches, 2021 seems and feels like a glimmer of hope as many businesses await for better days. (they are coming, we promise) 🙏🏻

The future of how we work is changing and according to IWG, 1.87 billion people all over the world will work remotely by 2022. Many companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter have embraced the change and have adopted permanent remote working policies.

Although the new world of work seems plagued with constant changes for businesses (startups and corporates alike) one thing remains certain, flexible workplace options can ensure business success. Permanent workspace mobility could very well perhaps be the next frontier.

We believe that co-working space will play a vital part in helping businesses make sense of the new normal come next year.

Taking your business forward with Cube Co-Working;

  • Adhering to new workplace policies and procedures

As and when restrictions lift, businesses will need to comply to new workplace recommendations set out by the government. Some of the measures already in place include; regular office deep sanitisation and desk spacing.  Businesses are also having to think about redesigning office layouts to adhere to social distancing restrictions, but with Cube Co-Working we’ve got it covered. Just sign your employees up and we will provide a fully functioning office set-up complete with comfortable desks, high speed Wi-Fi and meeting rooms all compliant to current Government workplace regulations.

  • Caring for the wellbeing of your staff

At Cube Co-Working, your staff will be able to continue face 2 face communication (socially distanced of course), giving them the interaction they crave. Working from home alone for long periods of time can cause loneliness, anxiety and leave staff unmotivated. 

  • Ensure Business Continuity

With so much uncertainty, businesses will need to plan for the possibility of further lockdowns. Cube Co-working space provides flexible office space on your terms. Flexibility is now more important than ever! Moving towards flexible workspace solutions is an integral part of the future state of businesses – allowing your business to grow, change and adapt easily in a new environment.

For more information on how we can help your business navigate the new normal, speak to Rod or Kate on 0800 027 2668 or e-mail services@cubecoworking.com