Supporting mental wellbeing should be a top priority in every workplace. There are compelling reasons for why your support shows employees their wellbeing matters to you. Creating a genuinely great place to work encourages creativity and innovation and prevents stress from making employees less happy, less engaged and ultimately, less productive. Left unchecked, stress not only affects engagement but turnover too. Creating a fantastically supportive workplace culture, where employees enjoy coming to work, offers a better chance of attracting and retaining the best talent and boosting profitability.

Here’s five wellness tips that are well worth considering to support mental wellbeing.

1. Share your own struggles

The simple courageous act of talking openly about your own experiences of mental wellbeing can help normalise mental health issues and break down the stigma surrounding the topic in the workplace. It fosters a sense of connection for those who may feel isolated, different or alone.

2. Live up to your words

Don’t just say you support mental health, have a system in place to support it. Offering your team genuinely useful tools to manage stress, and a safe environment in which to do so, will demonstrate that you value and care about them in an authentic way. Authenticity makes for more open and honest relationships and boosts positive communication in the workplace.

3. Schedule check-ins

Factor in regular check-ins to support mental wellbeing and employee welfare. This helps to create an environment where staff feel more able to talk openly about any problems they have, and not let them build up. Be mindful that sharing isn’t for everyone, so help and support must be available before encouraging employees to talk about their mental health.

4. Offer flexibility

Implementing flexible working practices – where, when, and the hours people work – can support employees in managing their mental health and benefit the individual as well as the organisation.

5. Modify policies & practices

Make sure policies and practices suit the flexible pattern of working and help to create a supportive workplace culture. Regular, open communication and easy access to mental health support for remote workers, will help to avoid feelings of isolation. 

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