Here’s all you need to know about adopting a hybrid model for 2022!

Contemplating adopting a hybrid work model but worried about performance and productivity? Think again!

When done right, employees can be as productive when working remotely as they are in the office.

There are many great benefits that come with hybrid working for both individuals and businesses. Here are all the answers to some FAQs. 

What is Hybrid Working?

To put it simply, hybrid working is a flexible working model which allows employees to work from a combination of different locations: at the office, home or on the go.

The Pros of Hybrid Working for Employees:

  • Increase Productivity

In a hybrid workplace, employees can better utilise their time. They can choose to work where they feel most productive. 

  • Happier Employees

Employees who enjoy hybrid working are generally happier people. Being able to take control of your work schedule and plan your day, dress comfortably and spend more time with loved ones or having a dog by their side as they work does wonders for the soul.

The Pros of Hybrid Working for Employers

  • Reaching the Right Talents

Employers can now tap into the best talent pool and hire or retain great talents without geographical constraints.

  • Cut down on Expensive Office Expenses

With hybrid working, not all employees have to be present at the office at the same time. That means reduced office real estate costs, lower electrical bills and utilities.

However, there are also some disadvantages to working remotely. Such as remote employees working longer hours leading to burnout, missed promotions as managers are not able to see them working and difficulty in establishing relationships with colleagues.

Luckily there is an extremely cost-effective solution –  co-working!

  • Find the right balance while working remotely but keep home and work life separate. No more distractions.
  • Set a meeting – book our meeting room or simply get everyone gathered by signing the whole team up for a full time dedicated desk, we’ll keep a section just for your team and you’ll get to enjoy our brand new shared office space facilities with complete flexibility and no long-term commitments.
  • Humans crave connection! Network with likeminded individuals. We provide the best amenities – simply perfect for collaboration.

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