Post-pandemic, many businesses have recognised the importance and value of a dispersed workforce and its value continues to grow exponentially, especially as people are increasingly drawn to positions that allow for remote or hybrid working. 

It’s essential that business owners understand the significance of creating a supportive work culture for remote workers to thrive in, in order to attract and retain talent against this backdrop of hybrid working conditions. 

Here are our top 5 tips to help construct a healthy working environment for remote workers.

  • Catch up individually
    Schedule a frequent one-to-one catch up with each remote worker, at a time that works for you both. This will create space to discuss tasks, work priorities or challenges, as well as to exchange feedback and target development areas. 
  • Set specific objectives
    Most experts believe that 70% to 93% of all communication is nonverbal. Facial expressions, hand gestures, vocal tone and body language, all help complete the picture when we’re communicating ideas. When presenting shared objectives ‘on paper’, it’s vital that communications are clear so that everyone can follow and interpret them. Making sure that remote employees understand how their work contributes to the overriding goal or the overall vision of what is to be achieved, ensures that there is clarity of both corporate vision and self purpose and worth. 
  • Use digital collaboration tools
    Alongside the rising trend for hybrid working, is the rise in use of digital collaboration tools like Trello, Asana, and Jira. Undoubtedly these tools can be great for collaboration and workflow management, however, from time to time gauge the opinions of your workers to ensure that their use is the most efficient to hand and are offering solutions rather than creating challenges for remote workers. 
  • Recognise and highlight achievements
    Recognition is key to motivation. Do not let the effort and hard work of your remote employees go unnoticed. Instead, celebrate their accomplishments both publicly through social media channels, and privately among the core team. 
  • Offer incentives
    Depending on company policy, bonuses or holiday incentives can be offered to employees who successfully complete a milestone or big project. Transparent procedures for monitoring work-related performance and how it will be rewarded, helps workers set personal targets towards organisational aims. 

 There’s no doubt that with employees remotely working away from their places of choice, there’s the potential for them to feel disconnected from the team or the company as a whole. With a mindful approach to constructing and maintaining an inclusive working environment using the 5 tips above,  businesses will be able to create a supportive, albeit remote, workplace in which remote workers thrive.

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