Can’t decide between Coffee shop working and Co-working to conduct your work remotely? Let us tell you why a co-working space is the better option!

No Reservations Needed

Seating availability can prove a hassle and hamper your day’s workflow. In coffee shops, you may need to wait for a seat and you might be unable to book your favourite spot on a busy day at the cafe – but you’ll definitely find the seat of your choice at a co-working space. By using a co-working space, you’ll be able to work whenever you want, for however long you like even after the last drop of coffee in your cup has been drunk!

The Perks and its Amenities

Our co-working space also offers private rooms for days you have important meetings scheduled with clients or investors. Whereas, coffee shops are always buzzing with activity with customers talking happily, waiters taking orders loudly, phones are ringing off the hook and music on full blast. This could prove distracting and make it hard to communicate with your clients. A conversation with them is most likely to end up being hurried and a very casual one!

Counting the Costs

Depending on how many times you plan to visit the coffee shops for meetings and how many cups of coffee you drink, if you calculate, the same cost-per-day carried on over a long period of time, co-working monthly fees are more affordable. A co-working monthly fee covers all the basic work necessities you need from high speed internet, a comfortable desk space and access to breakout areas so you can work efficiently. With kitchen facilities to boot, you can grab a quick bite over at the kitchen area and network with other hardworking, fun individuals and get creative together!

If you don’t feel like committing to a monthly fee just yet, we offer daily rates for just £15 per day! 

What are you waiting for?

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