Covid-19 has swept through the globe, changing the way businesses operate. As the government began to announce impending lockdown measures earlier this year, many businesses scrambled to implement new policies. One such policy was working from home.

With office space seemingly redundant for months, many businesses have decided to cut overhead costs by downsizing office space or not renewing their rental leases at all… and here’s why;

Flexibility – More important than ever

The ambiguity of the UK’s economic future has made many businesses hesitant to sign up for long term leases in fear of tying them down. Moving towards flexible workspace solutions is an integral part of the future state of businesses – allowing them to grow, change and evolve easily, within a new environment.

Adapting to the new norm

Working from home can sound like a great idea at first, but after many months at home and hundreds of solo working hours later, it can begin to feel a quite lonely!  We’re only human after all… and our need for social interaction will make us miss the buzz of the office no matter how much we love working from home! 

As lockdown restrictions ease and we can return to a hint of normality, many will find themselves now without an office desk to call their own, and are quickly signing up for flexible co-working memberships, and here’s why;

Cost Effective

Co-working is a cost-effective and simple alternative to traditional office space – great for professionals, freelancers and creatives or for young start-ups looking to launch and build their operations without being overburdened by additional costs, not directly related with their own work.


Co-working spaces are a great alternative working environment for people who live  and/or work alone, as they are filled with like-minded individuals. Some of the most incredible business ideas occur over a conversation, when we feel motivated in a workspace that lets our ideas flow freely. 


Many people who work from home often struggle to switch off or set themselves specific work hours. Co-working can help to reduce stress levels by helping you to establish a healthy work-life balance and provide you with break-out areas to take some time-out when necessary. 


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