Covid-19 has changed the way the UK workforce works in 2020, with many businesses implementing work from home strategies amidst the global pandemic to adhere to lockdown restrictions. Those businesses are now realising the value of having flexibility!

According to commercial property specialists Instant Offices, the amount of unused commercial office space in the UK is 56.7 million square feet,  that is 50 times larger than of London’s O2 Arena which is 1.2 million square feet! Millions of businesses are currently downsizing to reduce costly overheads and making the switch to flexible co-working spaces.

The benefits of co-working spaces:

For Start Ups

A co-working space gives you the opportunity to focus your energy and money where it matters most – your business plans. With a co-working space, you don’t have to worry about utility bills, purchasing new office furniture and expensive long term commitments such as leases. From as little as £15 per day, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a fully functioning office, without having to incur the costs of setting up your own office.

For Small Businesses

Renting an office situated in a prime location can be costly, but the benefits are bountiful, including having immediate access to your target market. A co-working space can give you that desired office address you need to impress your clients – at just a fraction of the cost!

For Large Companies

Cut down on costly overheads each month and embrace flexibility for the long term. The benefits of co-working for large companies are plentiful, from helping with employee retention, growing the office as and when needed, and reducing rental costs.

For Big Corporations

Co-working isn’t just for startups and remote workers anymore. A co-working space allows corporate businesses the flexibility a traditional office space simply cannot provide – by improving business dynamics. When a company launches a new product and/or builds a new sales team to target a particular market, a co-working office can provide them with the speed and agility to address that new market expediently and effectively.

What are you waiting for?

Demand for flexible office space is expected to rise as companies turn away from risky, long-term leases.

Make the switch to flexible office space on your terms today!