Starting your own business? Keeping an eye on expenses is essential for any business’s success significantly more so for start-ups!

That’s why many start-ups today are opting for advantageous alternatives like co-working spaces to start their businesses and here’s why…

It’s Cost effective – No more having to pinch the pennies

By choosing to run your business from a co-working space, you’ll be able to cut down on office rental and not have to worry about the upkeep of the building and other operating expenses. This is because a co-working space provides you with a full functioning office atmosphere complete with comfortable desks, high-speed Wi-Fi connection, coffee, meeting rooms and breakout areas – all at an affordable fee! This will help to keep the expenses down and enhance your start-up’s profitability.

It’s Community focused – increasing networking opportunities

A co-working space is a great place to meet and mingle with freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals. In a shared space environment, your neighbour at the next desk could be your next potential client, supplier or teammate! This community-based interaction can give you insights to emerging trends and also bring about the sharing of ideas with goal-oriented individuals, great thinkers, established businessmen and entrepreneurs!

It Boosts Productivity – provides the right environment to flourish

At Cube Co-Working, like-minded people come together to use their creativity, minds and inspiration. Working in a shared office space will keep you motivated to reach your own set of goals, boost your skills set and productivity.

Join us and be part of the Cube Co-Working Community today!

Come meet and network with like-minded individuals and get creative together.

With easy accessibility to our facility via A22 and to London via direct rail into London Bridge, getting to and from our location has never been easier. No more parking woes with ample onsite parking!

What are you waiting for?

Come down and experience Cube Co-working Space and discover an attractive option for growing start-ups.