Can we go back to the way it used to be pre-pandemic?

Every employee’s dream has always been to have more flexibility at work and after having a taste of working from home for most of 2020 and 2021, will the transition back to regular 9-5 be welcomed? With more time spent with family members at home, many have come to realise the long hours they put in at work and the importance of family.

Will this make it harder for employers to persuade staff to return to the office?

With job security looming, there’s no doubt employees feel the pressure to return to the office – but will they be happy and engaged?

In recent research conducted by Bright Horizon, entitled “2021 Modern Families Index Spotlight” in a survey of 1,000 working parents in the UK, with children aged 18 years or under who live in the same household as them, suggested that withdrawing flexible working hours after the pandemic will prove to be problematic with mass discontent amongst working parents and carers.

Research revealed, over 57% preferred hybrid working. With 42% stating that flexible working is needed for working parents to meet their childcare requirements and 14% to care for elderly relatives –  a commitment often overlooked by employers. 32% also claimed that with flexible working they are able to do their jobs more efficiently.

The study also noted that now is the time staff will remember how their companies supported them through a crisis. Over half of the respondents felt that their employers were unsympathetic or did not offer practical help with their childcare needs and confessed that their loyalty to their company would be based around their manager’s reaction to the pandemic.

With employers demanding greater attendance in the office post-pandemic will companies be able to reach a WIN-WIN situation?

We believe that co-working can! By slowly easing the transition back to a semblance of traditional office hours using the hybrid work model. Permanent workspace flexibility could very well perhaps be the next frontier. 

Taking your business forward with Cube Co-Working;

Cube Co-Working can help create the office environment for staff by providing a fully functioning office set-up complete with comfortable desks, high speed Wi-Fi and meeting rooms all compliant to current Government workplace regulations – giving staff the flexibility to work closer to home with regular working hours but maintaining remote working, helping them to slowly disassociate work and home life.

Ensuring Business Continuity

By providing flexible office space on your terms. Moving towards flexible workspace solutions is an integral part of the future state of businesses – allowing your business to grow, change and adapt easily in a new environment. 

Give Cube Co-Working a try today!

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