In January, Boris announced a new nationwide lockdown for England which has lasted well into February with no signs of relaxing… urging people to stay home again to combat the spread of the new variant of Coronavirus.

Under the new lockdown measures, schools have been closed and people are to stay home but may go out only for groceries, to exercise or to work (for jobs which cannot be conducted remotely). As for the rest of us, that leaves us with working from home.

Simply put, we’ve all have to adjust to new ways of living, learning and working!

For some, we love it! For others… depending on our personalities and lifestyle, home working can be a challenge. The key is to maintain a work / life balance by setting boundaries between working hours and your personal life.

Below we discuss 3 simple steps that can help you make working from home less stressful;

1. Stick to your usual routine (or as closely as possible!)

Try to keep your routine as close to the one you had previously when you were at work but adjusting that routine to staying at home! Get up the same time you would do for work and change out of those “Jim Jams” and eat some healthy breakfast.

Replace the time you would spend commuting to work with some morning exercise or simply reading the daily news online before clocking in (logging on!) When your working day ends, be sure to mentally log off too! Cook dinner or walk the dogs, or some Netflix before going to bed early.

2. Set up a designated workspace

Try to replicate an office desk space similar to the one at your office, away from distractions such as the TV or the allure of the comforts of your bed. The fridge as well could pose a distraction! 😉

Keep all your work items in one place so it’s easy to pick up where you left off the day before, without having to set up your workspace every morning. It’ll save you time and make it easier to focus!

3. Be Kind to yourself and Stay Connected

These are unprecedented times, so remember to always be kind to yourself. You may feel that you are not as productive as you used to be and that’s absolutely normal! Working from home for long periods of time can also make you feel lonely and cut off from the world. Stay in touch with loved ones, colleagues and friends through phone calls or video calls.

And one final thought…

Once lockdown is lifted, why not give Cube Co-Working a try? You’ll be able to work in a comfortable and professional office setting, but most importantly interact and network with like-minded individuals. (complying to social distancing measures, of course!)

For more information on how we can help you to stay safe and stay focused when working remotely, speak to Rod on 0800 027 2668 or e-mail