Halloween is approaching, and to some, it’s the joyest season of the year. From spooktacular shindigs to fabulous themed soirée, there’s something for all ghosts and ghouls come the witching hour. Or if you fancy celebrating Halloween at the comfort of your own home, we have some suggestions for you, too.

Let’s find out the best places to go, and the best activities in the UK to celebrate Halloween!

Built in 1145, The Ancient Ram Inn is considered the holy grail of haunted buildings.  Situated at the crossing point of powerful Ley lines and boasting over 800 years of ghostly sightings and grisly discoveries of sinister crimes, the inn is infamous as a site of ancient black magic ritual and grim hiding place to refuge-seeking criminals of the past. Still home to a host of ghostly presences, demons, witches and orbs, many brave souls who have joined a real ghost hunt here say it’s the ‘scariest place’ they have ever visited. 

Halloween - Ancient-Ram-Inn-1

Book in advance to join an Overnight Ghost Hunt vigil, reviewed as an unmissable and extremely disturbing evening of paranormal investigation. 

Paranormal Activities at Boggart Hole Clough, Blackley, Manchester

Located a few miles north-east of Manchester city centre, the Clough is rumoured to be a hotspot for poltergeists and malevolent spirits. According to folklore, the Clough’s resident mythical creature, the Boggart, has the ability to make objects disappear and render dogs unable to walk. Hanging out in the dense foliage and under bridges, its favourite snack is said to be children. Dog walkers and visitors have claimed to hear demonic and uncanny laughter echoing through the trees and ravines, while pets (no wonder) are reported to frenziedly bark at thin air. It’s not going to be a walk in the park if you dare to enter the woods – but that’s only if you believe in the Boggart of course!

Halloween - Boggart Hole Clough
Clough’s resident mythical creature, the Boggart

Fright Festival at Warwick Castle, Warwick 

In need of some spook-tacular Halloween plans? Check out the spine-tingling Warwick Castle filled with haunted spirits and fearful frights, and get ready for a ghoulishly fun and exciting adventure. Unleash the historical horror at the Castle’s family-friendly events taking place from the 1st to 31st of October.

Pumpkins are an iconic sign it’s Halloween season but they can be so much more than decorative lanterns carved with grotesque, demonic faces. Healthy and highly versatile, pumpkins can be made into delicious pies, soups, pasta dishes and stews. You can pick your own throughout October at picturesque Tulleys Farm with a choice of either daytime, or spookier night time, picking from 6pm onwards. Tickets start from £4 (excluding the pumpkins). 

Book tickets and pick your own pumpkin – this year, there’s over a million to choose from!

Halloween - Pumpkin Picking

Halloween At Home

  • Apple season is in full swing in October and nothing is as nostalgic as toffee apples and apple bobbing for Halloween at home. If you’re looking for foods to channel the ‘spirits’ of Halloween and satisfy your sweet tooth, here are some recipes for a mouth-watering Hallow’s Eve.
  • Put on some classic horror movies for your own horror night
    Indulge in a horror movie marathon with classics such as Halloween (1978), The Shining, The Exorcist, Carrie, Friday the 13th, or The Blair Witch Project.

Halloween At Home

Whether you decide to join the crowd or stay at home on Halloween, it’s a ghoulishly good occasion to enjoy some spook-tacular time with family or friends and make delicious pumpkin pies and sweet treats for sharing. Either way…

Let the horror begin!